Wednesday, September 14, 2016

6 Easy & quick fixes to start the new schoolyear in style

As the 'carefree' days of summer are soon winding to a close, many of us are starting to think about going back to school. Your fresher year is said to be the hardest and apparently if you manage to make it  through this one then your bound to stay in school till your graduation.

I disagree with this statement I actually think that this can differentiate for one student to another. Having been a fresher myself at Middlesex University I had found the course (Business Law) kind of easy. Loved the fact that I only had five subjects in my first year whilst those studying in Belgium had twelve and extra loved the fact that this meant that I had less exams. After passing my first year at university I decided to take a sabbatical year. Why? well miss independent who hasn't been blessed like some with family members to support her financially had a really tough time when it came down to paying her rent, food and other expenses. I couldn't find a job and after a while gave up on the hustling life. Oh how I'd wish it had been different but it is what it is so I took myself back to Belgium (where I 'ver been working as a legal secretary for the past five years).

I've Always deep within wanted to go back to school and obtain my higher education degree. So here I am today within a couple of weeks starting my second year of Office Management. My fresher year in Belgium has not only been by far more challenging and hard as I had to find balance between juggling a nine to five job with my new status as a distance student. Ok so I passed my first year (we thank God) that means two more years of long hours of studying, spending my weekends at the library, coursework and all the other cons it might bring along with it. Having said that I'm determined this time round to not give up.

I'm excited about the new school year but on the other hand there is a general some level of anxiety about what lies ahead. As I embark on the new school year, here are some strategies I've penned down for myself in order to stay focused and achieve my academic goals. Sharing is caring soo who knows they might help you out too! Being at school and getting educated is something that we sometimes take for granted especially in Europe because of it being so accessible to many. In today's society having that degree might just be the key that will unlock some doors for you and help you climb career wise a ladder or two.

1. Be realistic and prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead. Arm yourself with this thought no pain no gain! In life nothing good is truly attained without a few sacrifices and a little sweat. Last school year I spend most of my Saturdays at the library this partly due to my nine to five job but also because I had little time to consecrate on my studies during weekdays. Don't be afraid of the academic year that lies ahead but prepare yourself for it mentally. Don't fool yourself university nor college can be compared to primary or secondary school, it won't be a piece of cake but if your willing to make some sacrifices and work hard this will surely pay off.

2.Decide right away that you'll put some effort into it. It doesn't have to be day after day 'work and no play' but you'll have to put some effort into it too. Don't expect to pass your year  by miracle without studying or handing in your coursework.

3.Study and make studying as fun as possible. If you find you have a hard time focusing when studying alone at home, find a study partner, or even better a study group (two or more students who will agree to study with you). Be creative about this you could could create a study group on WhatsApp or even on Facebook where your group could discuss varies topics regarding school subjects or coursework and motivate one another when required.

4. Ask for help when needed and do it on time. Don't be afraid to ask for help or clarifications when needed. Your initiative will not go unnoticed I promise besides lecturers are supposed to help their pupils isn't it?

5.Prioritise and manage your time wisely. Buy a school agenda or use your smartphone to keep track of all scheduled course Works and deadlines. Make time to study and for your coursework. I cannot stress enough on how important it is to not leave everything to the very last minute! This almost got me in trouble last year and quite frankly I'd rather save myself the stress and anxiety this brought along with it last year.

6. Don't give up! I found myself doing this six years and wishing I hadn't. I can't lie I've had moments when that little voice told me to just quit because I was finding the combination of work and studying hard. I here and there shed a tear  but I didn't. So if this is a dream of yours too don't you dare give up!

Having said all of the above I must remind you that Daniel and his friends received knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning from God (book of Daniel in the bible). Sometimes there's hidden spiritual truth behind why one cannot not focus or do well in their studies. Pray and ask God to help and assist you with your studies.

Have you come up with any resolutions? or do you have any other good tip to add on to this list? Feel free to comment them down below

Sealed with love,

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