Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Being succesful = making mistakes

The first thing that pops in mind when I think about succes is epic failures. Being succesful equals to making mistakes or in other words tripping over and choosing no matter how painful/humiliating the fall might of been not to give up but to get right back on your feet and give it another shot. It takes one alot of courage in order to keep trying until they succeed and get better at whatever it is that they're doing, eventually in due time your perseverance will pay off  (as an icing on the cake you'll gain some extra experience too).

It's only human to hit a few bumps on the road, life itself is a never ending learning process that allows you to become better at whatever it is that you're doing or to slowly but surely reach your destination. Everyone ought to know that even the world's greatest have made a few mistakes here and there whilst climbing their own mountains before receiving any sort of recgonisition.

No matter how unreachable your destination might seem or how high the mountain your longing to climb might be just remember where there's a will there's a way! I myself  have been taught a few lessons this past years and can 100% testify that not giving up is the ultimate way to go attitude if you want to make those dreams of yours become tangible.

I've penned down below some of the wisdom I've gained from choosing to get back on my feet and to not give up on my dreams concerning this matter (yes girl got dreams to fulfill). Many tend to give up on their dreams as soon as things get a bit rough or when they don't see as quick as they would like the fruits of their labour, forgetting that if you truly want mountains to be moved you've got to learn to see past the end of your nose. I hope that this will motivate and give you the boost you need to pursue and achieve some of your own set life goals.

1.Don't give up on your dreams no matter how unaccessible they seem:  Many tend to make a run for it at the slightest sign of trouble or unease. Easier said than done but you must step out of your comfort zone and put in the required effort in order for new doors to start opening in your life. Hang on in there, be consistent. Starting with the unknown can be very challenging and not rosey but eventually things will pick up.
2.Don't be your own worst enemy I've personally come to acknowledge that nobody will ever believe more in your dreams than yourself. The actions you decide to undertake will determ whether those dreams will become tangible. Don't leave it to just being dreams instead choose to make it happen.
3.Stop comparing yourself to others I must admit I've done this way too many times in the past. Hands down I totally agree with the following statement comparison is the thief of joy! The time spend on worthlessly comparing yourself to this person or that person can be well spend by focusing on your own your progression and establishment.

4.Apply the see no evil, hear no evil , speak no evil theory In other words get rid of all sort of negativity within your parameter. Get rid of the negative thoughts, don't let the negativity of others or lack of encouragement get to you and speak ONLY positivity into your life. What we think, let get to our heads or speak into our lives often become obstructions to us.

5.Surround yourself with like minded people Finish this line for me "Great minds..."  You might learn a thing or two from those who share the same interest as you and this also allows you to pass on your gained knowledge and experiences. Interact and get involved as much as possible with people within your niche.     
6. Patience is a virtue I'm not by nature the most patient person but have learnt that good things come to those who wait. So if you don't directly see things move forward or pick up at your set pace wait. If your learning a new skill remember that practise makes better, if you've started a business or project give it some time it might flourish. Don't rush to conclusions or quit straight away.

Sealed with love,


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