Sunday, September 11, 2016

New kid on the blog: Introducing myself/ believer tag

Hello, Jenna and would like to first and foremost welcome you to her very own Christian lifestyle blog! (Joepieeeeeeeeeeee)  I've been wanting to blog for ages now but never actually made it any further than a welcome post here and there. 

I promised myself that this time round I shall hands down take this blogging thing more seriously... Oh noooooooo not another lifestyle blog ( I probably said out loud what you were thinking right?) Hold on let me explain no this is not just another lifestyle blog. So what makes this blog so different then well it's my very own Christian lifestyle blog. No two individual's journey are identically the same, so I too out of only God knows exactly how many individuals walking around on this earth have a voice and a story to share. This space is primarily dedicated to my faith and lifestyle as a Christian meaning that right here you'll find posts about what I've been through and what I'm actually going through till this very day, my testimony, my struggles, my dreams and hopes, my loves and thoughts, my whereabouts basically a space where I reveal and lay it all bare :).

I'm a young woman in her late twenties with a past who's now working her behind off towards a brighter future. You know what, I really can't complain I'm blessed with the essentials like a roof over my head and food on my table but I really want to tick some or all boxes off of my wishlist can you feel me? I've been through a thing or two and hope that my story and experiences can help and encourage others out there to not give up on their dreams no matter what life once threw at you and had left you somehow broken.

I want you guys to know who I am as a person so I thought to myself hmmmm why not do the 'Believer tag' with a few extras in order to introduce myself. So here are my answers I hope you enjoy reading!

1.When did you give your life to Christ? I recall as a child going to church once in a while with the family but I've personally cried out to God asking him to enter my heart and be my Lord and Savior after a bad break up. My walk with Christ began during summer 2011.

2.How did your family receive your conversion? At first most members of  my family were happy about it but when they saw how radically I changed and really wanted to follow Christ without being lukewarm that's when things got tough.

3.When is your favourite time to fellowship with God? I don't have a particular time to worship this changes from day to day but starting and ending your day with Christ is for own spiritual and physical well being a good thing.

4.How often do you pray? Depends I can't place a count on it.

5.What is your favourite book/books of the bible? I don't really have a favourite book the word of God in its global is important and filled with solutions, answers about topics we face daily during our life here on earth but the beattitudes in Matthew (5:3-11) is one of my favourite scripture. It reminds and conforts me to know that things that one can encounter as a Christian such as loneliness and rejection all for the love we have for Christ and the truth is worth it.

6.What church do you attend?  I attend an assembly in Brussels.

7.How would you describe your relationship with God? I ain't content  and want more  and more and more of him. (yes I'm greedy like that)

8.What challenge/challenges have you faced on your walk with God? Believing and trusting that all the promises he made me personally will come to pass even  though present situations makes it hard for the flesh to believe.

9.What are your spiritual goals? To grow spiritual and take my engagement in this spiritual warfare I've since the day I gave my life to Christ more seriously.

10.Advice for a new convert?  Focus more on Christ and on spiritual fruits rather than spiritual gifts.   

11.What is your favourite song at the moment? This two songs place of worship by William McDowell, never be the same by Shana Wilson and oceans by hillsong united are on my list of all time favourites.

12.If money was no object, what would you do all day? Take care of sexually/physically abused children and orphans. Empower other women to better their lifestyle and focus on Christ.

13.What is your favourite memory? The day I got saved

14.What has been your biggest challenge? To first of all accept that not all supplications will be ushered to or ushered to straight away. Secondly realize that God can miraculously if it is his will change situations but chooses no to until we've learned the lesson he wanted us to learn out of them and thirdly accept enforced loneliness.

I would like to get to know ALL of you who start reading my blog, so do leave me comment and any questions you might want answered.


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