Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'd rather please God than men: Galatians 1:10, 1 Samuel 15:22, Matthew 25:14-30

This week as I started reading the first chapter of the book of Galatians something made me stop on this verse and take some time to really take in what my eyes read. The Holy Spirit made me understand clearly by illustrating through my own lived varies situations what apostle Paul was talking about when he wrote this verse.
"Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ."

You and I are called out to make choices every single day. Anything we end up doing out of obligation becomes after a while usually a burden and deprives us of our joy. God stands by this rule he offers and suggests and doesn't by any mean force us to obey or follow him. Our flesh doesn't like to obey God's word but keeping this in mind never forget that all God asks of us is actually for our own good, our disobedience doesn't change anything to his sovereignty. It is by choice (because of his unfailing love and goodness) that I choose to give my life to Christ and follow thee, it is by choice I choose to live for the one who died upon that cross for my sins, it is by choice I decided to leave behind the abominable lifestyle I was once living. We can be influenced to do so many things especially when not saved but at the end of the day the final decision lays within our own hands. The decisions we make as Christians during our pilgrimage actually determines whether at the end of it all God will say "well done, my good and faithful servant" or "get away from me I never knew you"...

What I understood here from apostle Paul's statement is that as servant/children of the Most High we're called out not to please men but to obey, listen and please him. Have you ever found yourself trying to please men instead of Jesus? Oh boy I see this happen all the time among Christians instead of having disciples of Christ we've ended up having so many disciples of "men of God". Have you never found yourself doubting on what God has told you because somebody you consider to have a more intimate or to be more (according to illusions) anointed tell you otherwise, have you ever found yourself remaining silent when the Lord clearly wanted you to speak because you consider what others might say or think of you, have you ever found yourself turning a blind eye to sin because you felt so left out and wanted to belong, have you ever found yourself going to certain places that you deep down knew shouldn't because you don't want to feel isolated during the next conversation with colleagues at work, have you ever found yourself going right because everyone else has taken that path when clearly the Lord told you to go left, have you ever found yourself trying so hard to fit in within a certain group when you know that the Lord wants you to be alone so that you can hear his voice more clearly and not be influenced by others, have you ever found yourself shutting up and not speaking about the gospel because of the fear to be seen as someone strange or have you ever found yourself in the midst of conversations that don't glorify God? Can you relate?

One that is more attached and concerned about their reputation and image or concerned about being in "men's good books" instead of putting the Lord's word in action at all times will be disapproved by the one who truly matters. A person who is concerned about their image and what men think of them is someone who lets their emotions/flesh (ego) get the best of them and usually in the long term won't go as far as they ought to do with the Lord. If you choose not to walk by the Spirit and multiply your talents by obeying God you CANNOT in any way be one that will please the Lord. The bible states in the book of 1Samuel 15:22 that what truly pleases the Lord is our obedience to his word and what he wants us to do above any sacrifices. Those sacrifices without obedience are a waste and meaningless.

I've come to conclude that usually those in lack of self confidence, those who walk around with a negative self-imagine suffer from this type of dysfunctional behavior. During my early stages of being a new born I found myself doubting on various occasions what the Lord had told me in secret, I found myself trusting those who I considered spiritually more connected to God than me rather than trusting God and what thee was pouring into my heart, I found myself envying others gifts and neglecting my own, I found myself listening more to men than listening to God and not speaking when I should of spoken, I found myself doubting on my own abilities and the strength God has put inside of me and ofcourse all of this made me so unhappy.We should not let appearances deceive nor what others project to us impress us. Only God knows what truly goes on between behind those closed doors. Focus on your own relationship with God and obeying his word if you want to go far with him.

Oh how I so hope that you who are guilty of all this things described above will realize just how precious, beautiful, unique you are in the eyes of God please don't jeopardize the most important relationship a human can ever have because of things such as fear and loneliness! I heard somewhere someone once say "I am not left out but set apart" take that in and realize how special that must make you. Don't let lack of self confidence and all the lies the enemy has for so long made you believe any longer be in the way of you doing God's will and pleasing him.

Sealed with love,



  1. Wow, I literally felt like you were talking to me directly. This is such as timely and wonderful message. i am so blessed. You are so right my dear, the moment we realize that, "We are not left out but SET APART" that really makes all the difference.
    May God bless you and grant you more wisdom and grace in Jesus name. AMEN

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it hun! Remind yourself everyday that you're SET APART and just how precious and special that must make you. May God touch and fill you with his love that is beyond what this world could ever offer us!!! I pray in Jesus' name that my Daddy may grant you even MORE wisdom and may His grace and favor be poured abundantly upon your life sealed with Love J

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