Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lot's wife: The type of Christian I refuse to be (Genesis 19, Luke 17:26-33)

Hope all is well with each and every single one of you out there? For those who things could be better remember that in due time they will get better, just hang on in there don't you dare loose faith okay! Time to talk about a topic that is very dear to my heart and I (probably you too) can most definitely relate to.
I will post here and there about various topics to do with my born again lifestyle encounters. The topics that will be discussed on this blog will be supported by biblical references to prove and clearly make you realize that others before us have been there and done this or that before we did. God through his word not only encourages but also warns us about everyday situations that we come have to deal with at some point in our walk with Jesus. The word of God explains that for our own well being we should meditate his word daily (Joshua 1:8)  but in case you're not familiar with this biblical story about  Lot and his wife's stay in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah I strongly recommend you to fetch your bible, or open up your bible application either on your phone or tablet and read Genesis 19.

This post is foremost dedicated to all those Christians out there who for one or many reasons have somehow reached some kind of plateau in their Christian walk, for all those Christians struggling to break through and be freed from a negative state of mind (trust many pretend to be super Christians but the mere reality of it all is that a large amount of Christians do battle with various mental illnesses such as depression, anxieties, eating disorders, addictive behaviors) and for all those out there who just like Lot's wife have turned into a pillar of salt. If you want to be delivered and freed from something you must stop living in denial and be true to yourself and to God. I strongly believe that there is no shame in accepting that you're need of help and can only recommended you the only one and true doctor Jesus Christ. No doctor here on earth, no psychologist, no therapy can restore what only God can restore or deliver you from what only God can deliver you from. It's a one on one matter between you and the Almighty so go to him and lay it all bare. If the son of God has set us free we are truly free right? So let's chase  and gain what is rightfully ours our freedom in Christ but we must remember that we have our role to play in this too. We must fully choose to surrender our all, our past to God.

Are you done yet? can we start with our meditation? Okay here we go...

Lot (Abraham's nephew) and his family who were living at the time in Sodom and Gomorrah found favor and grace before God's sight. Two angels were sent to destroy this perverted city because of its multiple sins. Can you relate this story to today? Don't you see how many  (angels= messengers) around the globe are arising and spreading the gospel to rescue those who are willing to listen and accept Jesus truly in their heart as their Lord and Savior from God's wrath. The bible says in Luke 17:26-33 that what happened in the times of Noah and Lot will come to pass again. In today's society being a virgin or celibate is seen as something abnormal and premarital sex is the norm, masturbation is seen an ordinary activity that releases one's stress and sexual impulses, choosing not to accentuate your body and dress modestly is so unattractive, if you don't go to clubs nor smoke or drink your automatically labelled uncool basically sin is the new trend and holiness alienated.

One of the angels in verse 19 tells Lot to save his life by departing from Sodom and Gomorrah and to not look back so that he will not perish. This instruction was not only for Lot but for all his family members. So picture this we have here a Christian who's found favor and grace before the sight of God, has been saved from the world and God's judgement that was about to fall unto this city. This Christian has now received the instruction to not look back (look back at their past life) but to keep moving forward. Aren't we Christian meant to focus on inheriting the Kingdom of the Most High? This is in an instruction but at the same time a warning that not all Christians sadly take very seriously forgetting that for all that we choose to do or not do there's an outcome (negative or positive). The bible states in 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 

We have two types of Christians: spiritual Christians who obey the word of God and therefore move forward in their walk with Jesus and carnal Christians who once in a while take a glance at their past and compare it with the sometimes not so easy trials God might place on their pathway to remold and brake us. (a filled cup cannot be filled right)

Lot's wife is an image that represents the second type of Christians we have walking on this surface. Verse 26 tells us that on the other hand Lot's wife did not obey this command and therefore turned into a pillar of salt. Looking back to the things the Lord has ordered for your own good to leave behind will only cause you to stumble and turn into a pillar of salt. It makes one hit a plateau in their Christian walk and to not move forward therefore creating space/an open door for anxieties, depression, frustration, anger, sadness, lust all of which contribute to a Christian's spiritual death. Our lives as Christians here on earth is filled with trials such as brokenness, deserts and times of loneliness. If you don't focus on the bigger picture and reward but instead look backward at all you've left behind you will turn into a pillar of salt.

Can you with all honesty lift up your hand and say "sorry Lord I must admit I have been living my new life in you as Lot's wife.". Regretting the lifestyle you left behind, regretting or still lusting the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and the fornication God has set you free from, regretting all the bad company God freed you from for the sake of feeling lonely, holding on to stuff that you clearly know you should get rid of and that reminds you of your previous life is in no way beneficial to your spiritual growth.

Oh Lord help the one reading this, all those who will read this and me to keep our focus on the bigger picture and reward which is heaven and a in-depth relationship with you. I pray that God sets you from all the bondages you are still living in. I'm sure by letting go and letting God all with be well each and one of us!!!


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