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Spiritually unfit and feeling empty: Isaiah 55

Aloha my loveliesssss,

Hope all is well with every single one of you out there and like I always like to say for those who things could be better unless you haven't prayed and gone to God with your supplications in due time things will get better. Patience is a virtue so chillax and patiently wait upon God's mighty hand to come to your rescue!
So here I am once again behind my computer screen and praying that this post will be a blessing to  everyone that will get the opportunity to read it. I will today by God's grace (please Holy spirit help and guide me) take another extract from the word of God and break it down. Ladies and gents please do take your bible or open up your bible app whether it may be on your phone or tablet and go to the book of the prophet Isaiah chapter 55. It's a small chapter you can quickly read it or maybe take some time to really take in (meditate) on what you've read. Ask God to make you sensitive to His spirit (you know that small sweet voice who tells you off when you've done something you shouldn't of and reassures you that you are a child of God when you feel as if you've gone astray) I'm sure you can add something to what I've written down below.

Small chapter but filled with so much we can talk about right? Let's start with a little historical background check. The book of Isaiah was written accordingly round 700-681 B.C. by a prophet named Isaiah. It includes warnings of God's coming judgement upon the nations of Isaiah's day, as well as prophecies about the future redeemer of humankind Jesus Christ. The bible states in the book of Hebrews 13:8 that our Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever meaning that what God said back then should still be taken in account till this very day and days to come. God told His folks to implement His word in their everyday life and this has since then not changed.

The first verse of this chapter starts with an open invitation to you, to I and to all out there! Are you thirsty, do you need some good refreshing water? Have you ever felt as a Christian empty and in need of something to feel the emptiness within? As if you've just had about enough of everything as if everything seemed to be going left instead of right? God says come and drink... Can you think of any other extract in the bible to which you can relate this verse? I can ;) there's that story about Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4. Jesus told her that only He was capable of giving her living water. Water here represents the gospel and yes like stated so in this chapter it does wonders to one's thirst and soul.

Focus for a minute on the second and third verse. What the Lord is saying through this two verses is that we ought to stop wasting our time focusing/chasing after things that won't feed our soul and are the reasons behind our feeling empty and discontent. The world will constantly try to sell us dreams and make us focus on vanity. Through tv, magazines, mouth to mouth advertising (yes he will use just about anything and anybody to get to you) even social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube to name a few the enemy tries to make us believe that in order to be fulfilled, happy and accepted in today's society we need to drive the latest car, be in possession of the latest gadgets, be earning a certain amount of income, be in a stereotypical relationship (you know super cute girl meets super buff wealthy guy who takes her to the fanciest restaurants in town and buys her Chanel handbags with who she travels around the globe),... those things are temporary and like stated in this verses do not in any shape or form in any manner feed our souls adequately -> its all made believe. They're set up to seduce and trigger certain desires within in order to manipulate our behavior and priorities.

Have you ever found yourself worrying way too much about your status and reaching a certain lifestyle that it kept you from feeding yourself with what can truly feed your soul and contribute to your contentment?. When we neglect to feed our soul with God's word, we become spiritually malnourished. Why settle for crumbs when you  can have the finest food at the Master's table? Let's take for instance a eagle regardless its eyesight capacity when high up in the sky it sees everything on a smaller scale doesn't it? The higher it flies the smaller the things of this world become on the other hand if it decides to come back down the things of this world automatically get bigger. This example counts for us as Christians too if we don't focus on God and set our hearts on the things of above the things of this world will take up more space in our hearts. The more time we spend in God's word and applying it the less we become centered on what is vanity and more on what will become in us a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

Isaiah 55:6 states "seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near. Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very thought of doing wrong". Yes NOW is the time not in ten years when we've done almost about all nonsense you can think of nor tomorrow but NOW. Like they say today belongs to us but we don't know what tomorrow will be made of. Once we die that's it we don't have a second chance to make things right with God. It makes me laugh when I see young people say that they are too young and that God stuff is for old people. Daniel was young wasn't he? We should enjoy our youth but that does not mean we have to live recklessly does it?

Verse 8 says that God doesn't think the same way we think so my beloved readers lets renew our minds our way of thinking in order to stay spiritually fit by spending quality time with God and feeding our souls with his word.

May God bless us all in Jesus' name,


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