Sunday, June 25, 2017

You and I are the light of the world Matthew 5:14-16

"Make our planet great again" that was the new president of France's reply to Donald Trump after he made it publicly known that America was withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. Previous happenings such as Trump becoming president of the United States, the Brexit and diverse terror attacks that have taken place all over Europe have left many fearing for their own and  the lives of their loved ones.
No-one truly knows in depth what the future has is in store for us politically nor economically speaking but one thing I do know for sure is that there's nothing "great" awaiting us on this planet. The various cataclysmic events that have taken place previously are just the beginning of the many signs of the end of times referred to in Matthew 24:1-35. Chaos (even at the cost of innocent lives) are being created in order to raise the demand of new law and police enforcement and all of it supposedly in the name of security creating better surveillance of our every move."Big brother" and his servants have an agenda to keep so plans and more terrible things that aren't within our control shall come to pass and be executed. 

We ought to know that all this "make our planet great again" gibberish is a made believe dream that those possessing higher ranks within our society are selling the majority. According to biblical prophecies the closer we get to the second coming of Christ the more chaotic things will get. The faith of many will remarkably decrease or become non existant and shaken. There's this story in Luke 18:1-8 about a persistant widow who consistently pleaded with a judge to do her justice. Jesus told his disciples through this parable just as His telling those facing difficulties and injustice today that we should pray without ceasing, make our requests known to the judge of all judges and God being that judge in due times will most definitely grant us justice. At the end of this parable Jesus stated something very crucial and important. God can grant us if it's according to His will our hearts desires but when the Son of Man returns will He be able to eat that fruit every Christian should bear called Faith?

You know Jesus being God knows the end of all things before it even begins. He knew exactly what He was talking about. Being All knowing He knew that through pain, hurt, hate, rejection, deception, famine, worries, terror attacks, war, sickness and loss to name a few the enemy could rob and destroy the faith many have in God. Hence why more than ever the church needs to stand up and play its roll by being the light that enkindles the world.
Light is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible and that's exactly what God calls us to do. We've received clarity and our sight back to share it with those in need of it. Within our ability and capacity ( I repeat ability and capacity) we should bring clarity and sight where there's blindness and unawareness, bring hope where there's pessimism, bring love where there's hate and division, bring comfort where there's agitation, not in an harassing manner ( I know how Christians can be like) but gently remind those surrounding us of God's love and faithfulness.
A couple of years ago on my way back home I met a man on the train who told me something I till this very day remember. I had just come from a Christian conference and was very tired and hungry. I bought myself a pack of crisps that I wanted to eat peacefully during the ride but instead was led to sit opposite a man who only after a seconds of my seating opposite him started to conversate with me. Being so full of myself and a baby Christian back then I started thinking why can't this man leave me alone and how I wasn't interested in giving him my number. Strange enough instead of starting his conversation with me in Dutch or French he started straight away in English. He started telling me about his favourite crisps and how he had a great night out (at this point I was so not interested). This man even though I was airing him simply wasn't having it. So he asked me to ask him why he enjoyed his night out and where he had spent it. So I asked and he said at the pub (he got my attention at this point) and I thought here's my chance to preach. Being filled with pride I told him how I don't go to pubs and how that lifestyle isn't for me anymore. He then told me before heading to the pub he had spent some time with people in a catholic church ( he really got my attention now) and I started telling him that religion doesn't save you that he should search for the Lord stop his reckless ways and build a personal relationship with God.
You know what the men did? He started smiling, listening and listening very closely to each word that came out of my mouth and at the end he told me "all you've said is very good and your right but what about those unsaved don't you think they should hear the gospel too?". He told me how we're not supposed to stay within our community but to talk just the way I had spoken to him to others. He added that if I speak each day to one person till I die to imagine how many would of heard the good news through me. He also pointed out that not all will give their lives to Christ but that I would of done my part.
I'm not telling you to go out places where the Lord has not called you to go (you should be well equipped before going in warfare) but by sharing my story I'm advising us to in any way possible let our light shine bright for those in need of it.
May God's protection and love keep us all.


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