Sunday, October 22, 2017

Count your blessings and be grateful

I know, je sais, ik weet het, na yebi...Yes it's been a hot minute since I last sat down behind my laptop screen and shared a piece of me with the world. No harm gets done by every now and then going MIA for the right reasons right?
Sometimes we ought to take a step back and look at things from a total other angle. Some might say the last past few months have been kinda hellish. Honestly I quite find this expression not to say the least amiss, nothing we go through here can be in parallel or compared to hell but yes life can be real tough. This past couple of months  have been not very pleasant in more than just one way. Matter of fact as I might of mentioned it before, as a firm believer in the existence of YHWH and one (if I do say so myself) that yearns to follow Him things can get a bit complicated. I  needed a break, some time off to focus on my battles in silence and come out of it all with something positive and uplifting to say to those who've been reading my posts and have been wondering why the sudden disappearance.

Have you ever been in a situation where there was so much happening but just didn't know how to articulate it? I had so much to say but yet at the same time just didn't know how to express it all in a proper manner. My emotions and state of mind perfectly matched my crazy sugar levels and laying in hospital opposite another diabetic patient whose been on dialyses, limbs and has a prosthesis, had a pancreas transplant, is blind in one eye, spends most of her days in bed knitting because physically she's incapable to do much really got me thinking. This woman let's call her Chrissie I really felt like she was heaven sent. God wanted her beside me there and then to encourage me when I'm feeling a little blue to keep on moving and be grateful no matter what.

Laying there beside me in physical pain and unable to do much on her own that amazing woman foremostly reminded me that even though I don't wear my glasses (when I really should) my eyesight was almost still intact. Chrissie reminded and pointed out without so much saying a word that I could walk without the help of a stick or somebody's aid. I've heard many horrid stories about dialysis and she confirmed them all. There's some things I don't really understand when it comes to my blood sugar levels (or my life) and the only explanation the doctor could come up with after a few years is that my pancreas no longer produces any insulin at all hence why the unstable levels. I may not have it all but she reminded me that I have so much to be grateful for. That woman really baffled me to say the least. So brave, so loving, not once complaining (in my presence anyway) and being so oblivion to her situation. I questioned her about her continuous smile and positivity and this is what she told me and this is actually what I want you dear reader to engrave in your heart and mind. Matter of fact repeat out loud till it becomes if it isn't already the case your reality "wallowing in self-pity and
negativity never got someone far so smile be positive there's always someone out there somewhere in worse condition and be grateful".

On a particular day in September as I was walking back home I literally found myself talking to God aloud on the street expressing my gratitude. I'm grateful to be alive, to have a roof over my head and food on my table, grateful that His love came down and showered my heart, grateful that out of all the billion people out there in the world He chose to touch and pick me from the gutter (remember no-one comes to the son if the Father hasn't in one way or another called them). A couple of years ago I took a Sabbat year from university and due to different reasons never went back but today I'm in my third year. I'm thankful for all the Lord is doing right now even if I don't understand His perfect plan for me. His changing me, His working on me and I've decided no matter what to entrust Him my life because Daddy knows best.

Think about it! You may not have it all but you too must have things going on for you. Count your blessings and be grateful for them. We have to learn to be grateful for the "little" blessings in order to obtain "greater" blessings. Count your blessings and await the rest that is yet to come.


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