Hey beautiful bienvenue to "the diary of the heart of a woman who prays"! Are you yearning after a personal relationship with your heavenly Father? Do you need a few tips on how to grow and get closer to God? Or are you just curious about knowing how another sister is coping in today's society? Well you came knocking on the right door! My desire is to share with young women all around the globe who are striving daily to become more like Christ my faith, encourage them to pursue God wholeheartedly, in every aspect of their life. I'm a 20 something year old born in Kinshasa the capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo, raised in Belgium/U.K and currently living in Belgium who's life has never been the same after it had been touched by the Lord's love. I strongly believe that building an in-depth one on one relationship with Jesus is by far the most essential and important thing one can ever chase after. Having myself been and made it through some arduous times in life, I today feel ready to share and pass on the knowledge I've gained from those lived-through experiences. I hope that this blog inspires and empowers you into becoming the better version of the you you've always dreamt of being with love and faith right at the center of it all. I am a living testimony of what his love, grace and help can do in one's life and so can you... Always keep in mind that on bended knees you can make it through the heartache, pain, anxieties, addictions, what you might refer to as failures, low self-esteem, tears, struggles, quarrels basically anything life can sometimes throw in our face. I know how difficult life can get so I'm here to share the love I've received with all who wants to embrace it. I'm always connected on twitter so feel free to tweet me anytime. I'd so much appreciate it if you'd stick around and join me on this journey of making it back home and eummmmm oh yes I almost forgot ENJOY!!!

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